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FAQs about Buying Facebook Package Free

What are Facebook Package Free?

Flash Sale contains (Facebook Followers, Facebook Post Likes, Facebook Comments, Facebook Page Likes, Facebook Video Views)

Why should I buy Facebook Package Free?

Now you know what are Instagram video views. You must wonder why should you buy legit Instagram video views. Well, the problem here is not why, but why not buy video views on Instagram. Because buying real Instagram views is so beneficial to your account.

For newcomers on Instagram, it is so hard to get noticed despite having some great video or providing excellent service. You may often share your video with family and friends to get more views and likes. But it can easily reach the limit. You will need some marketing technics to make a boost to your video or post, then your account will be a snowball, therefore driving more video views and traffic, and saving your time so you can focus on creating more awesome videos.

On Instagram, views are far more important than likes. Because the first thing other users see is your number of video views. If your video already has many views, users are more likely to watch your video as well. It is sad but now people judge the quality of your videos by the number of views. So by buying more Instagram video views, your video will get promotion and may go viral on Instagram. It will help to catch people's attention, increase visibility, and gain more potential viewers for you.

You should definitely consider buying Instagram video views to see the magic! Especially when you buy real views from a trustworthy company like us, the benefits are endless. More organic video views and likes, even followers are marching towards you, which can not be achieved in a short period of time if you do it in your originally growing way.

Think about this way. If you are a businessman, more views on your video will make it more attractive, definitely reaching more viewers and increasing your brand loyalty; there is a big chance these viewers can be converted to your customers, increasing your revenue and expanding your business. If you are an influencer, more views not only help to attract more followers for you but also get noticed by companies that want to cooperate with you to sell their products/services.

Of course, the combination is always the best choice to achieve instant growth. Check our other services like Instagram likes, followers, and comments to get into your path to success quickly.

How quality are your Facebook Package Free?

As the best Instagram service provider, we’ve been working efficiently within the Instagram terms of service for years, and we know how bad it can be if you buy low-quality Instagram views on your video.

Some customers talked with us about the experience of buying bots views from other sites, and their account was banned by Instagram because of spammed actions. That's definitely not what we want to see. Our team worked so many years to find the best quality service for our customers and we always put customer's safety on top priority.

We guarantee all Instagram video views you get from KOL Follower is absolutely real. Using bots and fake views is never an option for KOLFollower. And once you buy our service, they won't decrease. They are lifetime views that will stay on your profile forever. 

Will my Instagram account banned if I buy Facebook Package Free?

Certainly Not.

KOL Follower is a social media team of marketing experts with over 5 years of experience. With the best understanding of the Instagram Algorithm, our team uses the safest marketing method to get more Instagram views for your account.

Same as you share your Ig videos with your family and friends to get more views, likes, and followers. But it is easy to reach the limit if share your friends and family. So with our service, we share your Ig posts to our own communities with millions of worldwide users that we have developed for years to get you more views on Instagram.

Also, our products are tested multiple times before launching, so we guarantee you the best quality and real views from real users on Instagram. No bots, fake Ig views, No false promises! Our customers including Instagram influencers and business owners are all satisfied with our service and praise upon it. Check our customer reviews!

Our vision is that nothing is more important than the account security of customers. We don't need your account password to deliver your Ig views service. Only your username or your video link will work. So the safety is guaranteed from us.

If you buy Ig video views from other sites, please be careful to give out your personal information like password. Fake sites may sell your information to other third parties and put your account at risk. 

How much time will the delivery take?

As we said in our product description, we will immediately perform delivery as long as you pick the package and make the payment. No fake promises!

Therefore, your Instagram video views orders will be delivered within 60 minutes at the latest at KOL Follower. You can check the number of views under your video.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us anytime via our embedded chat system, Instagram, WhatsApp, and email address. Our staff is always ready to help you.

You can also check our Instagram Likes packages, Instagram Followers to boost your profile at the same time. 

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