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We all know the music industry is competitive, even for playlist curators. That’s why KOLFollower provides real followers for your playlist, promoting your playlist fast and grow to be the top playlist!

  • Increase your Spotify playlist followers at an exponential rate
  • Get more streams/plays on Spotify
  • Spread the awareness in the Spotify community
  • Expand direct reach to music-lovers
  • Easily make money by charging the artist (who wants to put their songs into your playlist)
  • Gain momentum in the fierce competition of curators
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Please Read Before Buying Spotify Monthly Listeners

1.Please input the correct Spotify Playlist URL. And double-check it to avoid wasting your money. 2.Please make sure your Spotify playlist is set to Public not private. 3.Please note that this service is NOT applicable to Podcasts. 4.All payment transactions processed are entirely secure on Famous Follower. We support Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, and USD Coin. 5.Don't use the same services from other sites at the same time.

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FAQs about Buying Spotify Monthly Listeners

What are Spotify monthly listeners?

Spotify monthly listeners are the active users on Spotify who play your music on a continuous loop of 28 days. Your Spotify monthly number of listeners presents your popularity and shows the size of your fan base. It shows how many people have been reached by your music. It is very crucial data for you to analyze your listeners and to understand the market. With a larger number of monthly listeners, you can move up your playlist ranking.

Why should I buy Spotify monthly listeners?

It's never an easy path when you choose to become an artist, especially if you want to stand out!

How can I make a name for myself? How can I make my music known to more people? How can I make the world witness my talent? The number of my Spotify monthly listeners is pathetic. If these are the questions that hover in your mind all day long, you have come to the right place! KOL Follower is willing to work with hosts, managers, upcoming artists, or established artists from all over the world to achieve your musical goals.

As we all know, your monthly listener number speaks for your popularity on Spotify. But do you realize this? The more monthly listeners you have, the bigger chance your music will be shared with others that means new audiences you may have and higher ranking your songs will gain. Buying monthly listeners will help to raise the exposure rate of you and your music.

You may wonder if it is a sad thing to pay for monthly listeners for yourself. Think about this! When an influencer or an arising artist is needed for an event, who would the organizer choose? The one who has the most monthly listeners or the one who is the most talented? I believe you already have the answer! It’s unfair to miss chances like this when other artists are using this strategy to promote themselves.

Why not buy our Spotify monthly listeners package now? There are too many things to worry about on the way to success, so many have chosen to quit. However, with an affordable price and our dedicated service, you can focus solely on composing your music.

Why should I buy real Spotify listeners from KOL Follower?

It’s a fact that this is a very competitive market. When you search “buy Spotify monthly listeners” online, you may get hundreds of results. That’s why you need to be more cautious about what you choose. We guarantee you your Spotify account will keep safe and get faster growth at the same time with our only natural methods to give a huge promotion to your music and increase your Spotify listeners. KOL Follower has successfully helped thousands of artists to achieve satisfying results at a reasonable cost.

What's the difference between monthly listeners and streams on Spotify?

A monthly listener is someone who has played your music within the 28 days which according to Spotify. The number of your Spotify monthly listeners generally helps you understand better how many people have listened to your music and its popularity. Spotify streams are counted whenever your song is streamed by a listener for over 30 seconds. Spotify streams would allow you to know how many times your songs were played.

The most distinguished difference between Spotify listeners and Spotify streams is that the number of Spotify listeners oscillates, but the number of Spotify streams always accumulates.

How to buy Spotify listeners?

Awesome! You are getting so close. It's never been this easy! Buying Spotify listeners from KOL Follower only takes a few minutes.

Step 1. Choose the package you like.

Please note that the higher number of listeners you are getting, the cheaper you are paying for each monthly listener. If you are new to us, our small Monthly Listener packages are highly recommended, such as 50, 100, or 500 listeners. Let your faith in us grow with the results.

Step 2. Submit your information.

Go to the Spotify APP, copy the link to the artist profile and then paste in the blank as to where it instructs on this webpage.

Step 3. Pay for your package.

Click on the “Add to Cart" or "Buy it Now" button, and then leave your email address and billing address. Check again before you make the payment to the Monthly Listeners package. Our payment methods are various. We support Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, and USD Coin. Choose whichever you find the most convenient.

Step 4. You are all set! Why don't grab some snacks and see your listeners grow!

After you paid for your Spotify monthly listeners package, we will process your order shortly. Now you can relax and wait for us to deliver the listeners to your channel. Grab a drink and check the gradually increasing number of monthly listeners on your timeline.

Is it safe to buy Spotify listeners?

Absolutely! It is safe to buy from us. We only promote your music to real listeners. The Spotify monthly listeners that we are offering are 100% organic. We never send bots or use fake listeners as we understand any violations may cause you trouble. Therefore, we only promote naturally.

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