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Upload posts regularly but get no likes? Tired of buying Instagram likes for separate posts? Then this service is right for you! It works for unlimited posts within the time duration selected. No Password required & 24/7 Support. 

  • Get automatic Instagram likes within seconds for every single new post.
  • Save time & energy with this hands-off promotion.
  • Gain even likes on each post to make it look natural.
  • Trigger the Instagram algorithm to reach more people on explore page.
50 Auto Likes/Post100 Auto Likes/Post250 Auto Likes/Post500 Auto Likes/Post
1 Week2 Week1 Month2 Month
Input your Instagram video link

Please Read Before Buying Instagram Likes

1.This is how it works. If you order the "250 auto likes/post" and "2 weeks" package, your every new post in the next two weeks will get 250 real likes immediately!
2.Please input your correct Instagram Username instead of the Nickname.
3.Your Instagram account should be Public to get auto likes.
4.Please don't use this service and ones from other websites at the same time. We could only guarantee the quality of ours.

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FAQs about Buying Instagram Likes

Why should I buy Instagram likes?

After Instagram changed its algorithm, posts with more interaction will be shown more frequently on Instagram, especially on the explore page. You surely have watched many posts on the explore page and wondering why they can get thousands of likes.

Firstly, as a matter of fact, their content is interesting enough to grab people's attention. Second is the most important part, that is they have a great start by getting enough Instagram likes.

Even if you have great content, it is so hard to get noticed in such a big platform with few likes. Only one or two likes won't make your content stand out. People tend to ignore the post with few likes.

Therefore, the number of Instagram likes on your post is as important as that of Instagram followers. Quality content is not an easy thing to create in a short period of time. But Instagram likes can. The more Instagram likes you gain, the more disclosure you could probably get whether to your post or your Instagram profile.

In this case, buying real Instagram likes from us - KOL Follower is the most effective way to boost your content whether you are an artist, a businessman, or want to become an influencer. It not only brings you more Ig likes but also increases your exposure, gaining more organic traffic and likes for you.

The benefits of buying Ig likes are endless. You should definitely try it because many of our customers are satisfied with our service, and it really help them on their insta-famous road.

Looking to try our Instagram followers instead?

What makes the KOL Follower better?

KOL Follower is a social media team of marketing experts with over 5 years of experience. With the best understanding of the Instagram Algorithm and the terms of Instagram, our team knows the best way to grow your Instagram.

Our products are tested multiple times before launching, so we guarantee you the best quality and real Instagram likes from real Instagram users. No bots, No fake Ig followers, No false promises!

100% safety and privacy guaranteed.

24/7 customer support for your service.

Partner with thousands of Instagram influencers and business owners

If you are still looking for the best service provider, look no further because we guarantee that you will get satisfactory results from KOL


Which package is right for me?

Are you struggling with how many Instagram likes you need to buy? Don't know which one to choose between the minimum package and the maximum package?

Don't worry! We are glad you asked! With the years of research by our team of experts, we could always provide the best advice to your social media growth.

As for the best volume, it's better if you have the similar Instagram likes count and Instagram followers count. We recommend you keep these two numbers being proportional. It is the most natural way to grow your Instagram account.

However, this is not absolute. The best package should be the one that right meets with your needs!

Also, your account may grow much faster more Instagram followers. With our quality service, your account will boost quickly!

If you still have any questions, feel free to contact with us to get free customized advice! 

Is it possible that people who like my post follow my Instagram as well?

We would like to say probably.

This is how it works. We have a community of millions of active Instagram users where we exposed your Instagram post. We’ll promote your post until your Instagram post get enough real likes as you ordered.

And since they are real Ig likes from real Ig users, whether they will follow you depends on your post content. If your post arouses their interests, it is more likely they will follow you as well, gaining more organic growth for your account.

We help to bring traffic and visibility to you, and your content will determine whether the traffic could be turned into clients.

You should focus on the quality content, and we will do the work of boost your post!

Is it safe to buy Instagram likes?

Absolutely Yes!

A lot of people say that buying Ig likes will damage your Instagram and put your Ig account at risk.

But the fact is that as long as you buy our credible service, we guarantee you 100% risk-free because we take our job seriously.

With a deep understanding of the Instagram algorithm and the platform regulation, we assure you that our service does not violate Instagram terms. We use real Ig likes from real and active Instagram users instead of bots.

Famous Follower uses the safest method to increase likes to your Instagram account, unlike untrustworthy sites who add your likes in an unusualy way and put your Ig account at risk.

Our vision is that nothing is more important than the account security of customers, so we do not use fake likes that are bad for your account. And we have served thousands of customers and not one of them gets banned, so relax and wait for our reliable delivery. 

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